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In the same way, the player can adjust the bet size from credit. In addition, the game casillion play contains special characters with special properties, several bonus games, including ubiquitous free casillion spins and a risk game for doubling the payout multiplier. If the player decides to use this slot in any known gambling establishment, then he will be able to claim a progressive jackpot. In most cases, the basis for payments in this slot is the appearance of a certain combination of symbols on one of the active lines involved in the casillion game. First of all, there must be at least two or three of them and they must be given the same image. In addition, only those combinations that begin with the far left of the drum are payable. Payouts on winning combinations can be increased, at least twice, if the player agrees to play a casillion casino game. Unlike most other slots, in the proposed casillion casino version there are no playing cards.

Instead of them there are ten wooden planks, thrown across a bottomless abyss. The player needs to choose the least dilute of them. In case of a correct choice, his current bet will be doubled, and the casillion casino game will continue exactly the same way until the player makes a mistake. Since the main action takes place in the south american jungle, the symbols of this slot depict a lot of tropical living creatures of varying degrees of danger for the local population, as well as the natives themselves. In addition, the casillion game features special characters, which depict the ultimate goal of adventure - lost cities and ancient artifacts. Casillion casino gaming symbol that can be recognized by the sparkling gilding of the ancient city, as it should be, is intended to compile or supplement the existing winning combination by replacing one of the symbols that interfere with it. Casillion casino gaming is a picture with an ancient artifact.

The third special symbol contains an image of the totem and the untold treasures of long-disappeared civilizations. Its main function is to launch the bonus casillion game, but for this you need to wait for the appearance of three to five such symbols on the screen. It is a win-win, but it requires the player to have intuitive abilities, because he will have to choose in turn totems. The correct sequence of decisions made will increase the current bet many times, and the wrong one will finish the bonus casillion game, leaving it with what was before it started, ie. The bet he placed before the previous round of the casillion game. Appearing in any part of the screen in an amount not less than three, this symbol will give the player a bonus promotion in the form of twenty free spins of drums. Upon their expiration, the winnings will not only be summed up among themselves, but multiplied several times.

In technical terms, you are my lord is no different from most other slot machines developed by casillion casino gaming. It is a completely trivial slot with five reels and twenty active casillion casino gaming. In addition, the player has special symbols, progressive jackpot and several bonus rewards in the form of additional casillion game rounds, starting from free spins and ending with a risk casillion game for doubling the payout multiplier. All information regarding winning combinations is given in detail in the corresponding payment table. According to it, those combinations that include at least three identical symbols are to be paid, the first of which must be located on the far left of the drum. Payment of combinations with special symbols in its composition is carried out according to special rules. From ancient times people believed in any higher forces, ranging from a wide variety of deities and ending with nature. Belief in something always gave a person confidence, especially if he was addicted to casillion gambling.

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