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Popular Cards Games

However, the most profitable bonus incentives become available after the appearance of special symbols on the screen, first of all, the popular cards games. It depicts a very fat piglet, thanks to which this machine has found its second name. Since it is not tied to any of the active lines, the player, in order to take advantage of his unique abilities, needs only to wait for his appearance in the number of at least three on any part of the screen. If these conditions are met, the slot will automatically go into the bonus popular cards games mode. Its content quite logically explains the origin of the official name of this machine. The fact is that the player will have to choose one of five piggy banks, made in the traditional for these products form of a pig. Inside two of them there is a monetary reward, in the other two free rotation or a representative of law enforcement bodies, which by its appearance completes the bonus popular cards games.

In this case, all the money that the player had time to discover up to this point, are transferred to his popular cards games account. In most cases, they are calculated in fairly large amounts, which the player will certainly be satisfied with, despite the small oversight he has committed. In another piggy bank there are keys to the safe depository, which transfer the popular cards games to the next level. To win it, the player needs to choose the right one again, but this time among the two doors that open access to the contents of the safes. Despite a very long history, which has been counted for decades, the fruit cocktail slot machine continues to enjoy immense popularity among domestic popular cards games of different generations. Its success can be judged from the fact that before the banning of gambling establishments in our country, this slot from the company popular cards games could be found in almost every game club.

This heightened interest on the part of players, this slot machine is due to two factors - a high percentage of payments and an extremely fascinating topic, thanks to which he received his unofficial name popular cards games. The fact is that fruit cocktail is dedicated only to sweet berries and fruits, which most of our compatriots associate with summer rest on the warm sea. Thanks to the similar to other slots from the popular cards games, as well as the extreme simplicity and accessibility of its rules, players can play for free, both experienced and novice players, to play slot machines. However, for this advantage the developers had to sacrifice originality, since from the technical point of view this slot is a very typical for popular cards games combination of five drums and nine active popular cards games. Also, the maximum size of the stake, which is 25 credits for each line, is completely similarly limited. However, this is already enough for an experienced player to use the high percentage of payments, which for fruit cocktail is more than 95%.

As in the absolute majority of slot machine simulators, in this popular cards games the basis for receiving payouts by the player is the formation on one of the active combination lines specified in the special reference table. In addition, it describes the basic rules of the popular cards games, which will be extremely useful to learn beginners. As for their more experienced colleagues, they should take into account the fact that the winning combination is considered such if it starts not only on the far left, but also on the drum that is on the opposite side of it. The amount of payment depends on which symbols the combination formed on one of the active lines consists of. This information is also provided in a special reference table. The only thing worth noting about this is the high payout multipliers, which, under the most favorable circumstances, instantly increase the player's current bet by times.

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