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Play Club

Having risked the playclub casino player, just, and will test itself at random. In all video slots there is an opportunity to increase the amount of winnings, when a successful combination is dropped. To start risk, click the playclub casino button. To double the jack, you will have to rely only on your intuition: choose the color of the card. If the player guesses, then the bet will double, if not, it will burn. It is worth noting that the user can refuse to double the rate. To do this, simply do not need to press the playclub casino gaming. Also, if the player is lucky, then he may not once until he wants to stop himself try to make luck with the tail guess the color of the card. The playclub casino gaming slot machine king of cards consists of five reels. All games in it are simple, understandable, and very interesting. Of course, the name of this gaming machine speaks for itself. However, those who do not have special training and skills will also be able to casino playclub games. In order to get card combinations, you need to learn how to bet.

This is not at all difficult you just need to make active betting and start the playclub casino gaming due to the fact that almost all slots have the same interface, the beginner will be able to quickly learn these actions. Each combination has its own multiplier, which determines the winning amount, but this information can be found by looking at the payout table. In this gaming machine, after the active lines and the bet for them are selected, the player presses the playclub casino gaming button and starts the cylinders. Winning combinations are the same symbols of one or several active lines. Counting is from the left to the right, from the extreme corner of the left playclub casino gaming. The device will independently indicate each winning combination, as well as calculate the amount won. After counting, he will indicate it in the lower left window. Like every slot, the kings of cards have their own individual characteristics. For example playclub casino gaming this is a special notation in the form of a joker image.

It is defined as a wild symbol that replaces all others to create playclub casino winning combinations. In addition, the joker in the winning combination is a guarantee of doubling the amount won. For every gamer, he is a welcome symbol. The king of cards has forty playclub casino winning combinations. If the jokers are consistent, then the gamer is given up to nine thousand coins. For such symbols as a card fan and hearts - up to seven hundred and fifty coins. Playclub casino and diamonds four hundred coins, and peaks up to two hundred and fifty. With the loss of aces and kings up to one hundred and twenty-fifty coins. Playclub casino without pictures not more than a hundred. Apparatus kings of cards is similar to another machine: dame playclub casino gaming. The analogue is that in addition to the wild symbol, and other less important signs, he offers the player a service such as a scatter sign: spreading. This is a single sign that can not be replaced by a joker.

If there are playclub casino or more scatter symbols in the game line, then the player is given fifteen free rotations of the cylinders. Also any win will give another free drum turn, multiply in three, and it is possible that again will give fifteen additional free spins. Thanks to this, the playclub casino gaming increases the chance to win a small amount. There is a kings of cards and the second game with the presence of rewards. It consists of the need to guess the suit of the card, which is closed. If luck overtakes a playclub casino player, then he will receive a double win after the end of the stake. In addition, during the opening of cards, a trigger may appear, thanks to which the user will automatically be transferred to an additional bonus playclub casino game, where an insider may be waiting for a larger jackpot. All bets, lines, as well as the main effective steps in the game machine, the king of cards are assigned with keys similar to other devices.

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