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The ability to play accurately, carefully and correctly, creating their combinations, coming up with their tactics, and will lead to a good game in the future. Thoughtful strategy will help you fully enjoy the amazing game sloty play and feel the breath of luck, which will give good prizes. In conclusion, i want to say that this machine is always in the top ten and beautiful, quiet music makes it universal, never boring. It is perfect for both men and the beautiful half, who will also be fascinated by such a beautiful idea. In the sloty gaming machine, those who are familiar with the service in the army by conscription will prefer to play for free. In addition, this slot will seem interesting to those who are not indifferent to the military humor, attractive, due to its specific content. In any case, the time spent behind it will prove to be not only fascinating, but also very financially profitable, as evidenced by the appearance on the game account of an impressive reward.

The game play of the sloty is built on the model and likeness of most of its analogs, of which there is simply an unimaginable amount. It is based on the periodic rotation of 5 reels, the game of which can be played on 1-20 active sloty gaming casino. In addition, the player has the opportunity to change the size of bets in the game, which is a multiple of the number of active pay lines. Those depending on the emerging situation and his own ideas about the sloty casino game, he can apply this or that strategy to it, which on the one hand allows him to minimize losses, and on the other - to achieve the highest possible results. Most often the player will have to play on combinations, since it allows you to sloty casino to bonus games or special characters. Both these components of the game process make the game not so much diverse as profitable, as the additional game rounds are unbeatable, and special symbols - due to their unique properties.

Provide the sloty casino player with an advantage over the gambling establishment. But to take advantage of all these opportunities, the player will have to gain patience. Unfortunately, the settings of the random number generator are such that special characters, and along with them bonus sloty casino games become available only in a few percent of cases. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the tactics of the game on winning combinations. These include only those combinations of symbols that are specified in the special reference table. As a rule, they must consist of at least three identical sloty casino symbols, one of which must be on the far left of the drum. In this case, the combination is considered a winning one if it is located on one of the active lines involved in the game. Symbols of this slot accurately describes the most pleasant moments of the soldier's life, preparing for demobilization.

However, among all this joyful variety, the most interesting for the player are special symbols, the profitability of which lies in their unique properties. There are only two of them, and this is a combination of sloty casino gaming which is common in hundreds of other slot machines, which depicts the main character and an orderly breastplate, respectively. The functionality of each of the special characters is no different from what players are used to seeing on other slots. Sloty casino gaming is intended to replace other characters that interfere with making a new one or complementing an existing combination. As for the sloty casino gaming , this symbol, appearing in different places on the screen in an amount not less than three, will launch a rather fascinating bonus game, where only the size of the win depends on the player's intuition and the location of the stars in the sky. It is the choice among soldiers who have additional payout multipliers and free spins.

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