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Knowing this, the developers of scandibet casino have created a slot machine you are my lord, dedicated to this topic, i.e. Faith in higher powers. In this case, the plot is not limited to any religion or magic, so in the game you can simultaneously meet and symbols of scandibet casino and paganism, ie. Magic and magic. One of the pleasant surprises of this slot is the game for doubling the win, the opportunity to play which occurs every time after the appearance of a winning combination on the screen. After that, it will display the image of five people who are in the process of implementing some ritual of religious worship. Each of the participants asks the gods for something different. The player needs to choose one of these options, thus joining one of the applicants. If the choice is correct, then the payout by combination will be doubled. A continuous series of correct answers can last up to 512 times, if the player can make the right decision at least 10 times in a row.

At the same time, he can stop the game at any time, taking the money. Since the game is devoted to various manifestations of higher forces, the symbolism of the game fully corresponds to the chosen theme. All its 5 reels feature scrolls, praying people, dragons, scandibet casino, etc. In addition, the game contains special characters, which, as usual, have special properties that have markedly diversified the game play. As a scandibet casino symbol is used the image of a warrior with a sword descending from heaven. Its functions are completely analogous to those that are performed by such symbols in other game slots, i.e. It is the replacement of other images for the formation or addition of winning combinations. Also you can not fail to note the presence in the game of two scatter symbols, which are familiar to players, as scandibet casino gaming. On one of them is depicted a red sky with a frightening funnel in the middle. Appearing in any part of the screen in an amount not less than two, he will increase the current bet of the player from 3 to 100 times.

Another scandibet casino depicts a man who is in extreme despair. Most likely, he asks the higher forces to make 25 free spins. This is how much it is necessary to the player who has managed to wait for occurrence on the screen not less than three such symbols. Another special symbol, which depicts a flying dragon, launches a win-win 2-level bonus game. To its appearance, the scandibet casino slot machine owes its popularity to the comic book of the same name, which appeared relatively recently, in 1993. His extremely colorful character very quickly scandibet casino to animated films, and then into full-length blockbusters. Since then, he has not lost a bit of his fame, which could not be ignored by software manufacturers for gambling establishments, in particular, the company scandibet casino , which released this gaming machine. Since scandibet casino, being a comic book character, was popular with very broad masses of the population, the developers of scandibet casino had no choice but to make a slot machine with a very wide range of rates.

Its minimum size is only 0.01 credits at a time when the maximum rate reaches 50 credits. In addition, the player has the opportunity to choose from 1 to 20 active scandibet casino , which gives him an extensive choice in the use of game tactics and strategies, which means winning is a bit easier. As for the number of drums, here without surprises - 5 reels, as in most modern simulators of slot machines. Since this slot machine was created based on the popular comic book of the same name, then on its drums symbols borrowed from there, from scandibet casino to professor, are depicted. In addition, the game features symbols with the image of playing cards. In this, the developers of scandibet casino turned out to be unoriginal, since almost all developers of gaming platforms resort to this method for gambling establishments. Despite the seeming simplicity, the game has some features that must be taken into account when using one or another game strategy. Most of them are associated with the unique abilities of special symbols scandibet casino gaming.

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