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Big Casino Jackpots

The game slot automatically switches to the bonus big casino jackpots mode, the main purpose of which is to open the safe with the combination lock. Using the buttons for selecting the number of lines, the player can rotate the safe handle to a certain number of divisions. At each turn on the scale of the safe wheel, a payout multiplier will appear. Upon completion of the big casino jackpots, they are summed up, after which the current score is multiplied by the player's current bet, which is then transferred to his gaming account. For so many of our compatriots playing in a free slot machine robbery, this means refreshing memories of childhood, when most of us tried on different roles, including bank robbers. The heist slot allows you to repeat this, because it is completely dedicated to this topic, i.e. Robbery. Since this slot was created by big casino jackpots process there is a lot in common with other of this manufacturer.

First of all, there are five drums and up to 30 active big casino jackpots. In itself, such a looks very promising, because the player has the opportunity, by using extremely aggressive tactics, to replenish his game account in almost every big casino jackpots round. At the same time, he can change the size of the bet right during the game, which further expands the range of application of big casino jackpots tactics and strategies. In addition, the game has special symbols and bonus incentives in the form of additional big casino jackpots rounds. One of the unique features of this slot is that it has two scatter symbols at once. One of them shows a glass cutter. Its function is to run bonus free spins of the reels. Another depicts another tool widely used in robbing banks - a drill. He does not launch any bonus big casino jackpots , as he simply generously rewards the player for his assiduity and patience, thus saving him time spent, for example, on free spinning of drums.

On the reels of the heist slot machine, only those symbols are depicted, the images on which are directly or indirectly related to the theme chosen by the developers. First of all, this is the main character and his big casino jackpots on the part of law enforcement agencies - a detective investigating robberies. In addition, on the screen quite often appear banknotes of major dignity, weapons, schemes of robbery, precious stones, stopwatch and many other things that accompany the criminal activities of bank robbers. Another bonus big casino jackpots is launched after the appearance on the screen of symbols with the image of the armored door of the bank vault. Another advantageous difference between the heist slot machine is the interface. Most of the controls are at the bottom of the screen. In this case they are presented in the form of a single control panel with a large which starts the drums.

At the same time, the buttons that change the size of the bet and the number of active big casino jackpots are presented in the form of authentic themed toggle switches, and their numerical values are set using a separate button bar. Despite its unusual appearance, it is very convenient to use all controls without exception. This could not but affect the comfort of the big casino jackpots game, which is at a very high level. The heist gaming machine is equipped with several additional functions, also aimed at increasing the comfort of the game in it. In particular, the user has the ability to turn off the sound, which will allow even more focus on the big casino jackpots process. In addition, a player may simply absent himself for a while, if he activates the automatic big casino jackpots game function, which will be conducted without his participation in the predefined parameters. To disable this mode, the player only needs to press the stop button.

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