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Another distinguishing feature of this slot is the presence of special characters, in the role of which are images with a cocktail of exotic play table games online casino. The most interesting for the player is the scatter symbol, the main feature of which is the lack of binding to any of the active lines, and also the functional purpose, which is to start the bonus game. It does not require any action from the player, leaking in the automatic mode. In most cases, it ends with the appearance on the player's game account of a solid monetary reward. Most play table games online casino players know the gaming machine called its second name, this slot, developed by the domestic company play table games online casino, received, thanks to two reasons the popularity and the symbol of dispersion, which depicts the old play table games online casino equipment. His plot is almost completely changed from a fairy tale, which every compatriot knows from childhood.

It's about the famous play table games online casino, whose name was changed into manners and assigned to a slot machine. As for the game play of this slot, it is almost completely indistinguishable from what players are used to seeing on other play table games online casino machines. But, judging by the popularity of the online casino gaming this feature can not be considered a drawback. After all, the unique theme was more than offset by the lack of originality. In addition, most players have long been accustomed to the widest opportunities to win, which are provided in play table games online casino playing slots thanks to the presence of five reels, 9 active online casino, special symbols and bonus promotions in the form of additional game rounds. A knowledgeable player knows perfectly well how to dispose of such a online casino gaming. Evidence of its capabilities are the results of numerous audits. In most cases, the payout percentage for this slot is significantly higher than.

In the slot machines to play for free stoves will not be difficult even for beginners. The interface of this slot is unusual for its comfort and convenience in everyday use. All the controls are located in the places where they are expected to be seen, and unambiguous inscriptions made in play table games online casino explain clearly the true purpose of each key. As it was said earlier, the plot line of this slot machine tells about adventures, as well as complex relationships of fabulous baked goods with their creators of retirement age. Correspondingly, the symbols on the playing drums were selected. In their quality, the grandmother a bundle of sheep a rolling pin with a test, a cake, and a black cat, which is an indispensable element of national folklore, perform. However, among all this fabulous variety, some characters stand somewhat apart. First of all, it is a symbol of dispersion in which this game depicts a casino gaming stove.

It is thanks to this feature that this play table games online casino slot received its second unofficial name. A distinctive feature of this symbol is its unique abilities. First of all, he is not tied to any of the active lines involved in the game. Another feature is its functional purpose - it launches a play table games online casino bonus game. But for this it is necessary, to be patient and wait until at least three symbols with the image of a online casino gaming appear on the screen. In this case, the slot will automatically go into the bonus game mode. It consists in opening four of the play table games online, behind the closed doors of which are various dishes. In the fifth kiln, the player will only detect smoke, which will mean stopping the bonus game. In case of a successful choice, a second round will begin, in which you will have to choose which thick bush the gingerbread hid behind. A successful guess will fill up the player's game account for a solid amount.

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