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Bingo in the Sun: Giveaway

We’ve had beautiful sunny weather over the bank holiday weekend and it seems that the sun is finally here to stay. But if you’re a bit stuck for things to do now you don’t have to spend your day huddled inside, don’t worry, we’ve thought of some great bingo activities that can be enjoyed whilst at different locations…


The woods are a great place for a family day out with enormous trees and chirping wildlife to put a smile on everyone’s face. To take part in woodland bingo, you’ll need comfortable shoes (as you’ll be doing a lot of walking), a nature bingo card (that you’ll need to write up yourself) and some pens. All you have to do is see if you can spot a particular species of tree or animal, kind of like bird-watching! First person to get five in a row wins!


The beach is always gorgeous and a brilliant place to go if you’re looking to soak up some rays. To play beach bingo, you’ll need a plastic wallet for each player and a bingo card with different beach items. If you’re a creative person, you can create your own beach bingo card and use the plastic wallet to collect the bingo items, e.g. a shell, pebble, sand, seaweed, whatever takes your fancy!


Or if that sounds too intense for you, why not just invite friends and family over for a bingo BBQ. For a bingo BBQ, you’ll need to get a bingo cage full of bingo balls, bingo cards for each player and bingo pens. You will also need someone to be the bingo caller who picks up the bingo balls and reads the number out loud. This one is… well, it’s basically just playing bingo but with a BBQ. What could go wrong!

For anyone who is new to the bingo scene or looking for the right equipment for playing bingo outdoors, I’ve got some good news for you! Thanks to the generous people at Paddy Power, I’ve got a bingo starter kit to giveaway!

It’s really easy to take part! All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me why you love bingo! And if you’re new to bingo, write a comment about why you’re excited to start playing.

By the end of the week, I will randomly pick one person to win the beginners bingo kit. So, get commenting!

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