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5 Coolest Gaming Rooms

Let’s be honest, its most gamers dream to have their own personal gaming room. Whether it be packed with slot machines, arcade shoot ‘em ups or simply a custom made pool table, having a space where you can kick back with your friends and have some fun is often high on many people’s “if I won the lottery list”. We’ve put together a list of the coolest, most unique and without a doubt the most ingenious from around the globe.

Old School Vibes

Source: Pinterest

To kick off our awesome list, this fantastic gaming room we found featured on Pinterest is laid out to look like an old timey American Street featuring Baseball posters, a cinema and a general store. With the air hockey table, the foosball table and the brown and beige colour scheme, this room has a real homely feel, perfect for kicking back with friends.



One of our favourites on this list, this amazing Poker Room found on Small Design Ideas doubles as an office, perfect for kicking back with friends after a long day of work. The big windows open the room up, giving it a much bigger feel, and the television in the top corner is a really nice touch.

Basement Den


For those with an expensive taste in design, this room is perfect for you. Minimal yet classy, this basement room found on features an absolutely massive flat screen television, perfect for playing multiplayer games with your pals, or a movie night with that special someone. The snooker table to the left is a really nice addition.

The Pro Room


This massive poker room found on The Poker Practice site was owned and put together by pro poker player Andy Bloch. The home sold for a massive $9 million dollars a few years back, and featured 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and this massive poker room you see above. Along with the room, it also contains giant bathroom, enormous walk-in bedroom closet, and an outdoor pool that offers a breath taking view of Las Vegas, perfect for any passionate gambler. The signed sports jerseys you see around the room are an awesome addition.

Rustic Approach


This room we found on is certainly focused on the discerning gent, and definitely someone with a little extra cash to splash. The dark greens and brown bring a rustic hotel feel, and the expensive leather furniture adds a very high end vibe to the room. The dog paintings, the red vases and most importantly the whiskey tumblers you see on the table alongside the cards show this a room for a special kind of gent.

Let us know in the comments which of the rooms you liked the most, and what you changed? Share it with your friends and see what they think. What would you do with yours? Would you add more, or maybe go a little more minimalistic? Perhaps start from scratch and do something completely original? Let us know!

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